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Earn points for every £ spent on products on our website.

Thank you for shopping with us. To show our appreciation, we’ve created our very own loyalty program, allowing you to earn points every time you shop on our website. Simply create an account and start earning points now – shopping has never been so rewarding!

Lee and Daniel Robertshaw

How it works

Create an account

Earn points

Redeem for vouchers

Loads of ways to earn points

  • Points for Orders
    Make a purchase Earn 6 points per pound for every order you place!
  • Points for Referrals
    Refer a friend Refer friends to earn 1000 points worth £10! Your friend gets a discount too.
  • Points for Reviews
    Leave a review Tell the world what you think and we’ll give you points!

Manage your rewards

Manage your rewards at Together

Log into your account where you can see your points and spend them on vouchers, complete activities to earn points and managage notifcations.

Receive optional email updates when you earn enough points for a new voucher and a monthly reminder when you have enough points to spend.

Log in or sign up to Together Rewards to start earning points