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CBD Regulatory Status

We have created a separate website to bring you these products rather than include them on our main website due to a small nuance whereby our main website card payment provider does not presently allow CBD products to be processed.

Despite our payment providers position, please rest assured that CBD is legal and safe to consume and we are working with the latest information to stay ahead of any regulatory changes that we will make you aware of.

Together CBD Products

Our Standards

We have taken our time in bringing you a CBD range. This time has allowed us to ensure we’re meeting our extremely strict criteria for product quality including:

  • Confidence in the legal status of CBD in the UK
  • Complete confidence and consistency in having a product with exact ratios of the correct hemp compounds in each and every batch
  • Full traceability from seed to shelf for every product made
  • Working with the leading medical professionals and trade associations in Hemp CBD for the latest scientific understanding and effective individualised formulas

Product Standards

As with all of Together products, we insist on extremely high standards for our CBD range:

  • Made with the highest quality hemp organically grown in the European countryside.
  • Always broad-spectrum retaining all the natural benefits of the whole plant
  • All-natural non-GMO ingredients
  • Raw production ensuring the protection of delicate but powerful plant compounds
  • Batch tested for quality, consistency, contamination, pesticides and heavy metals. The testing for each batch is made available here.
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