CBD 500mg Oil

10ml bottle • 500mg CBD


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Key Highlights

  • Broad-spectrum hemp oil extract with naturally occurring cannabinoids
  • Organically Grown
  • Rich in Terpenes and other helpful compounds
  • Hemp waxes are filtered for a pleasant natural taste
  • Contains MCT oil from young sustainably harvested organic coconuts for improved absorption 
  • Ingredients independently tested for purity and potency
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Our CBD oils are made from the best organically grown European hemp, specifically chosen for its high CBD content.

We use a gentle extraction process that retains the potent plant compounds resulting in an oil rich in a variety of cannabinoids (including CBDV, CBG) and terpenes for the full entourage effect.

The entourage effect refers to the discovery that cannabis compounds including CBD work better when present with all the other compounds found naturally in the plant.

We refine the oil to filter out the plant's fats and waxes resulting in a pleasant natural taste without affecting the potency of this Broad-spectrum oil.

To enhance absorption in the body, we combine the hemp oil with organic MCT oil made from sustainably harvested young coconuts.

We use third-party laboratories to verify each batch conforms to the highest standards of purity, potency and to ensure each and every batch is THC free.

  • Certified vegan
  • Free from MILK products (LACTOSE)
  • Non GMO
  • Gentle on the stomach
  • Manufactured to ISO / GMP / BRC accreditation


10ml bottle provides on average (NRV)

Nutrient Amount per bottle NRV
2.5mg CBD per drop 200 drops *
  • NRV = Nutrient Reference Values. *Indicates no NRV


Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract (Cannabis Sativa L.) with naturally occurring Cannabidiol (CBD), Organic Coconut MCT Oil.


Cultivation & harvest

Hemp strain Futura 75 is organically grown in the Swiss highlands and ecologically farmed.

Separation & grinding

The whole plant is gently air dried. The stems, leaves and flowers are separated and the stems and leaves ground into powder.


The hemp oil is then gently extracted from the powder using alcohol, this method can produce oil with up to 99 percent purity.


The different cannabinoids in the hemp oil are then separated using a chemical and solvent free process.


The target oils are then distilled, the heat during this step also activates the CBD. An essential step for CBD production.



Coconuts are organically grown on small family farms in the Philippines.


Coconut chunks are removed from the nut shell.

Dried & Pressed

The chunks are quick dried and pressed to release the oil.


The coconut oil is chilled to a temperature where some fatty acids are solid but the MCT fats are liquid.


A centrifuge is then used to extract the liquid MCT oil.

Suggested use

Place the drops under the tongue for 60 to 90 seconds.  Swallow the remaining oil. Expect to feel results within 30 mins of taking.

CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream through small capillary beds below the tongue. The swallowed oil is then gradually absorbed into the blood.  The absorption of this oil will then be enhanced by the MCT oil along with the intake of dietary fats. 

The CBD works alongside naturally-occuring cannabinoid receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system to reach every part of the body. These receptors have been shown to exist in virtually all human cell and tissue types, and in this way, the activated CBD compound has the potential to support health function in the body


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Extremely helpful

I have a chronic illness, and I find this CBD oil has helped tremendously with sleep, general aches and pains, and anxiety. I've used the capsules in the past, which are also really helpful, but the oil gives a much faster and obvious result. Also, I've had a few problems with my orders, and the customer service is excellent.

Helping my mum sleep

My mum is having a very stressful time at the moment but she’s been able to sleep ever since taking this. My stepdad has also had an operation and is using it for pain relief which has been also helping him get through the night.

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